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What is the Virtual Cruise Job Fair?
It is similar to the Cruise Job Fair - recruiters have an opportunity to meet candidates interested in working on cruise ships. They do not meet in person but online, via a video link.

Who is it for?
The Virtual Cruise Job Fair is suitable for all companies recruiting candidates within the cruise industry.

Why should we take part at the virtual event?
Attending a virtual event offers several benefits over traditional offline recruitment events. You can reach candidates who are unable to travel to traditional fairs. Recruiters don't have to travel anywhere, thus saving on travel and accommodation for the recruitment team. Although nothing beats meeting candidates in person, interviewing over a video chat allows you to ask questions, discuss details of candidates' educational and work history, evaluate their soft skills and get a better idea of their personality, communication skills, language proficiency, etc.

How many candidates can I expect to interview?
Each interview takes 4 minutes by defaut. However, you may chose to end an interview earlier, or extend it by as many minutes as you wish. From our experience, each recruiter can expect to speak to about 10-15 candidates per hour. That's probably very similar to the number of candidates you'd speak to at in-person job fairs. We strongly recommend each company has several recruiters attending each virtual job fair (at least 2-3).

Do I have to interview each candidate who sets an appointment with me?
No. You can download the candidate's resume before you start an interview. If the candidate is not suitable, you may either refer them to one of your colleagues who attend the same job fair, or cancel the interview. We recommend you gve a brief explanation why the interview has been cancelled. Many candidates wait for hours for their appointments. You can access details of all candidates with cancelled appointments and re-invite them for a new interview if you change your mind.

When will next virtual job fairs be held?
See a list of all upcoming events here.

How can we take part?
If your company already has an account, please log in, select which event you want to take part at and sign up to it.
If you do not have an account yet, please register here first.

How much does it cost?
Please see details of each upcoming event for pricing.

How many recruiters from our company may take part?
There is no limit on the number of recruiters for each company. Make sure each recruiter is registered and added to the event. The price you pay includes any number of recruiters.

Can you organise an online event specifically for our company?
Yes we can. Please contact us and tell us what kind of candidates you'd like to reach. We have a database of over 500,000 candidates interested in working on cruise ships. We will invite the most suitable candidates to take part at the virtual event for your company.

What candidate information will be available after the event?
Each candidate must upload their resume and provide basic information about themselves. You will have access to details of all the candidates who were interviewed by you or your colleagues at the event. You will be able to list interviewed candidates by a number of criteria (e.g. nationality, position, experience, etc.) and download a spreadsheet with candidate details based on these criteria.

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