Virtual Career Fair for Receptionists

Receptionists and Guest Service Agents on board Costa Cruises' ships

Wednesday, 13 December 2023

08:00 - 17:00 Time zone: GMT

Costa Cruises

Join us for this recruitment event tailored specifically for aspiring Receptionists and Guest Service Agents eager to set sail with Costa Cruises.

This event is designed to seek out talented individuals with a flair for exceptional customer service and a passion for hospitality. If you possess a strong command of English along with proficiency in German, French, or Spanish, you're in for an exciting opportunity to embark on a rewarding career journey.

Costa Cruises seeks Receptionists with a minimum of 6 months experience in similar roles within hotels or customer care settings. Shipboard experience is a plus but not a requirement.

Costa Cruises
Costa Cruises

Connect directly with recruiters from Costa Cruises and learn firsthand what sets Costa Cruises apart in the world of hospitality.

Prepare to set sail on a journey filled with opportunities, cultural diversity, and unparalleled experiences. Your adventure with Costa Cruises awaits at the Virtual Career Fair for Receptionists!

What is it?

This is a virtual cruise job fair - an online event for those who want to work on cruise ships. You will have the opportunity to meet recruiters from leading cruise lines via a video link.

Who is this online event for?

This virtual job fair is open to job seekers with valid passports issued by one of the following countries: Aland Islands, Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, ... + 49 more

Work Experience Requirements:

Previous cruise ship experience is not mandatory. However, candidates should have some experience from a related position on shore or a different type of vessels.


Recruiters want to meet candidates looking for jobs in the following category: Guest Services

How to take part?

  1. Create a profile on this website today;
  2. Once your account is set up, go to My Profile. You will see upcoming events that you qualify for listed there;
  3. Select the event you are interested in and sign up for it;
  4. On the day of the event, log in to your profile and follow the instructions.